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Album: Gunpowder DIPLOMACY
Label: Earmusic
Release Date: January 2013
Note: 7.6 / 10

The year was 1984, when in Leicester, England, appeared this Rock formation, quines collected 4 albums until they disbanded in 1991. Now, 29 years after his debut and after meeting the past 2009, goes on sale “Gunpowder Diplomacy”, their fifth album.

Their sound, true to > the time band and very strong, demonstrating the quality of these four musicians, who have achieved a very effective, fun, dynamic and with themes that rub inside Heavy more classic bands like Saxon, (the least) Hard Rock mixed with more identification of White Lion, in short, a band that shows his compositional variety in an album full of good songs.

I do not want to confuse anyone, if you really looking for a band that looks like the above, you will not find them just the reminiscences are noted as “Corporation Fear” which opens the album, a very straight cut, perhaps the heaviest album or through Hardrockeras atmospheres as quality issues “Tv Cops” or “Stop Love”, the latter very American.

Steve Hawkins’s voice is the centerpiece of this band, reaching very heavys tones and also getting in many parts of the album tones sweeter and more Americans. An explosive mix that can be seen in cuts like “Short Sharp Shock” with great vocal melodies and choruses, where the musical theme hooks for good feeling.

“Clean Outta Luck” is the album’s melodic line in a quieter theme in the beginning, very soft in aesthetics but with guitars really Jerseys enganchantes for lovers of pure American hard rock. Thing happens again in cuts like “Superchanged”, this time with a chorus or “Complicated”, where the guitars become protagonists for their resounding riff, but beware, make no mistake, I mean its effective variety and style when it comes to sound.
In the final stretch of the album we find perhaps the best of the album with songs like “All In My Mind”, a great halftime with phenomenal vocal melodies, “Billion Dollar Heart Attack”, pure sensations in a hard cutting guitars and powerful vocals well harmonized, “Bulletproof”, where again we find that essence Chrome Molly always or end of “The Runner”, which in my point of view is the right one to close for its tranquility in several parts, but it rises in intensity.

Definitely, the “Gunpowder Diplomacy” is a remarkable work after the break made by the band. A demonstration of fidelity to sound more authentic.